Federico Bebber

Federico Bebber, born in 1974 in Udine, Italy, is an artist who has been crafting digital artworks since 1998. With a natural flair for creativity, Federico's artistic journey began on a Commodore Amiga and evolved into a dedicated passion by the late '90s.

Federico mostly finds inspiration in the works of Hans Rudolf Giger, Dave McKean, and horror B-movies. He believes that real-life experiences provide ample material for his art, which often explores themes of horror, darkness, and raw emotion.

Federico's work resonates deeply with the human soul. His creations serve as a healing sanctuary, allowing him to navigate darker emotions and channel them into captivating pieces.

Embracing the mantra "stop thinking" Federico remains present and focused in his work. His natural wit and humor, which could have led him to a career as a comic actor, are testament to his many talents.

Currently, Federico is revisiting his horror roots while experimenting with cryptoart, interactive, and video mediums.

Unforgivable Mistakes
Sleeping Beauties
Digital, Print
Saatchi Art x Daxton
Digital, Print
FX Network - Legion 
It's Been So Hard Since You Left Us


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